Secutor Sannio Rosso DOP Bio
  • Secutor Sannio Rosso DOP Bio

Secutor Sannio Rosso DOP Bio cl. 0,75 vol 13%


The "SECUTOR" hunter or pursuer, was a gladiator of some Samnite origin in Roman times. Choice born from the need to draw attention to a page of the millenary history that belonged to an interesting territory, rich in tradition and culture which is certainly the Sannio.


The “SECUTOR” hunter or follower, was a gladiator of Sannites origin, in Roman times. Employed in gladiator games, he armed himself with the rectangular scutum and the agile curved short sword; his adversary was the retiarius, a gladiator generally armed with the net, in which the secutor was rarely caught, but he was able to follow him quickly, gaining ground till he deliver the final blow. The choice of the names for the Falanghina and Sannio Rosso, for the two top wines of the Samnes series, derives from the need to recall attention to an important page of the millennial history which was part of a territory, filled with as much tradition and culture as the Sannio certainly is.

Land type: calcareous - clayey 

Altitude: 300 mt s.l.m.

Plants/Hectare: 4000

Yield/Hectare: 60-80 ql

Harvest: Third decade of October

Training method: guyot - shaped espalier

Thinning of bunches: start of veraison

Masseria Vigne Vecchie, Torrecuso, Benevento, ITALIA.

Organic cultivation of

4 hectares of vineyard.

50% Sangiovese 

30% Montepulciano

20% Aglianico

Primary fermentation in stainless steel for 8-10 days with selected yeasts.

Malolactic fermentation in steel for 6 months.

Aging in bottles for a minimum of 3 months.

Bottles produced: 30.000

Conical Bottle  750 ml

Dry extract: 34 gr/l*

Total acidity: 5,85 gr/l*

13 % in vol. *

Ruby red color with garnet shades. Intence and fruity hints.

Soft and velvety tannin. On the palate, pleasant and balanced.

Service temperature: 16-18 °C

Ideal to accompany mushroom dishes and semi - mature cheeses.

Silver Medal


International Wine

Competition 2018:

La Selezione del Sindaco

Città del Vino

 * subject to variability according for each year

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