Egleuco Spumante ExtraDry Falanghina Vol 12%

You can blow out your candle, sip it with a pizza or give it to someone special. What are you waiting for?!

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The “EGLEUCO” originates from the famous aigleucos, the sparkling wine mentioned by Virgilio, that was produced not only in Rome, but also in Greece and in the Narbonese province. It appears that since the fall of the Roman Empire till the end of the XVII century, there were no known sparkling wines, until in 1600, when it was “reinvented” by the benedettini monks. The traces of its rebirth can also be found in dutch paintings, in which a champagne glass filled with a sparkling liquid is depicted, and in particular, a Rembrandt painting from 1650, displayed in the art gallery of Dresda. This typology of sweet sparkling wine, as in the Roman time, lasted for a long time, practically until the end of the year 1800, when it was transformed into that dry fresh and elegant wine, that we all appreciate today. Therefore, the evolution happened beginning with an Extra Dry Falanghina to a Brut Falanghina sparkling wine.

Yield/Hectare: 12 ql

Harvest: last decade of August

first decade of September

Masseria Vigne Vecchie, Solopaca, Benevento, ITALY.

Falanghina 100%


Martinotti method - Charmat

Spumante base refermentation:

in autoclave for 3 month 

Aging on lees for 6 months

Bottle aging: 1 month

Harvest 2016/2017

Bottle: Bordolese Artù 750 ml

Recommended glass: Flute

Residual sugars: 10,00 gr/l*

Dry extract 19,00 gr/l*

Total acidity: 6,00 gr/l*

12 % in vol.*

Straw yellow color more or less intense with golden greenish shades.

Fine and persistent froth.

Floral, fruity, fragrant scent.

Taste, fresh and armo

Perfect as an aperitif with appetizers and first courses  of fish, constructs, oysters, pasta and white meats, fried and grilled, fish or vegetables, mozzarella. nious.

Service temperature: 8-9 °C

 * subject to variability according for each year