Dormiente of Sannio

Behind Solopaca stands out clearly against the sky, the Sleeper of Sannio, a massive Apennine of the Taburno and the silhouette of a beautiful sleeping girl, a suggestive postcard to hang on the heart. It is the undisputed protector of our beloved Sannio, an area suited for viticulture, the backbone of the local economy. They intertwine under the mountains that form its extraordinary profile legends, wars, earthquakes, heroism, giving way to the events of the Sannio, whose real wealth is represented by the variety of flora and fauna, and the springs located on its slopes. For us, the famous and unmistakable profile known since time immemorial is the spokesperson of a culture belonging to a territory that has the taste of Wine and that has its roots in the Earth, the mother of everything. Not surprisingly, the range of our organic products traces its geographical layout.


Solopaca is certainly a characteristic village in the province of Benevento, which is suitable for the production of wine. From the many Roman and Samnite finds, but also from the traces of medieval origin, it is presumed that its name derives from its geographical position below the slopes of Mount Taburno, (Solopaca "under the mountain"). With a narrow and elongated shape, it boasts an historic center full of valuable buildings and well-kept monuments is one of the most active countries of Sannio, well-known tourist destination thanks to the many food and wine events and, not least, is a member of the "Sannio Falanghina - Città European Wine 2019 ". The territory is distinguished by the vast cultivations of Falanghina vineyards, a renowned autoptonous Solopaca’s vine, and of Aglianico. The heterogeneity and fertility of the land favor the cultivation of grapes with a typical flavor, with the inimitable quality recognized as the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) in one of the most productive areas of the whole Campania which is the Sannio. In the wake of wine and good taste, important tourist itineraries were born, such as trekking and hiking. One of the most popular events in Solopaca is, without a doubt, the Grape Festival. For some time now, large allegorical floats decorated and lined with specific grapes are paraded along the main street, in September. Accompany the majestic parade, typical products and the inevitable wine of Solopaca.



The territory where the municipality is located is characterized by the many vast cultivations of Falanghina, Aglianico and Solopaca vineyards. The fertility of these soils it allows to cultivate valuable grapes with a unique and inimitable taste. The Sannio valley, where it is located the city, is one of the most productive areas of the whole region, concerning the cultivation of renowned vines. The production of table wine is appreciated not only throughout Italy, but also in the rest of the world. The quality of these wines has led to the famous Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC), of wines like the white and red Solopaca, Falanghina and Aglianico. This great wine production, accompanied by a good production of craft products and genuine of the place, they have given birth to important tourist itineraries centered on the knowledge of wine and good taste. Trekking and hiking are also important starting points for discovering this territory rich in history and culture. One of the most popular events in the city is undoubtedly the Grape Festival, where every year, around September large allegorical floats decorated exclusively with grapes are parading through the city. Many majestic products and the inevitable Solopaca wine accompany the majestic parade

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